The Abominators (for ages 7+)

The Abominators (Mucker, Bob, Cheesy and Boogster) are the coolest kids in school, and the best at elaborate and very funny pranks.

They don’t know quite how to react when they are confronted by new boy Cecil Trumpington-Potts, who talks in baby talk, dances like a mad grasshopper and is the possessor of over 100 pairs of silk pants which he calls his ‘panty wanty woos’.

Cecil is determined to become a member of the gang. To put him off, the Abominators give him three impossible tasks (the first involving the underpants of long suffering head teacher Mr Nutter, and the school flagpole.)

And so the mischief begins…!

The Abominators (the first book in the series) is followed up by The Abominators in the Wild, where the gang go on a school trip and encounter a bear. The Abominators and the Forces of Evil is the third in the series, involving some baddies trying to recruit Cecil to an evil forces military academy.

The Abominators and The Abominators in the Wild are available in bookshops now, The Abominators and the Forces of Evil will be out in September 2013.

Just some of the excellent reviews for The Abominators:

“The youngest, who struggles with reading, was motivated to get from one funny antic to the next!”

“Hilarious read”

“This is a thoroughly entertaining book, eminently readable by its target age range and great fun. It’s `rude’ enough to offer a guilty appeal without going too far. I thought my grandson was going to wet himself, laughing hysterically at times! The book has many interesting characters and is nicely illustrated. It should appeal to just about all 7-11-year-old boys and many girls as well. Looking forward very much to the next one.”



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