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The fight against cyberbullying

I am pleased to report that the cyberbullying element of My Big Fat Teen Crisis seems to be helping teenage girls.
The central character, Sam, is bullied online by a girl in her class at school who is jealous of her, with the cyberbullying incidents escalating as the story develops, until the bully goes just one step too far, and Sam’s friend Lucy (who has cerebral palsy) also becomes her target.
I am hoping that by showing cyberbullying happening to a central, very likeable character, it helps girls who read the book to see that the problem and the dysfunction is always with the bully, NOT the bullied.

The power of a great cover

My two books for teenagers ‘Diary of a Parent Trainer’ and ‘My Big Fat Teen Crisis’ have both been sold into a number of other countries as well as the UK, which has been absolutely fantastic in terms of advances and opportunity. I have the amazing (and very lovely) Jane Willis, Foreign Rights expert at United Agents, to thank for this.

Thanks to Jane’s sterling work, I have received some fantastic news about Diary of a Parent Trainer. In France, where it is called ‘Le Journal de Katie Sutton’, it has sold out all 10,000 copies, and then quite a lot more! The publishers in France, Nathan, must take full credit for the absolutely brilliant cover illustration and design and the tireless selling and marketing which has got it noticed and into the hands of teenagers.

Which means…..MY FIRST ROYALTY CHEQUE! What a fantastic feeling. It means that I can at last get a new washing machine (I broke the door of my current one, so when it is running I have to prop the door shut with a hockey stick).

Happy, happy days!

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