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A wonderful endorsement

As a new writer, it is SO HARD to get noticed. There are thousands of new children’s books out there and if you are not a famous name, why should anybody pay attention to yours?

I put my heart and soul into ‘The Abominators’, most children who have had the chance to read them have loved the books. The trouble is, I have not been able to get the shelf space in the big bookshops and WH Smith to generate significant sales, and there is only so much that word of mouth can do.

Which is why this endorsement from Bookbabblers is so lovely. For the Abominators to be voted one of their TOP TEN reads of 2013 is a huge boost, and a great way to end the year.

The Abominators by J.L Smith

Review here:




Stocking filler!

Delighted to report that Little Brown is recommending ‘The Abominators’ as an ideal stocking filler for children aged 5-12!


A new snooker term

I was watching snooker on TV with my son Ben. He was comparing snooker with pool, and commented that in snooker while the reds disappear once they were potted, the other balls, such as the yellow, green and black ‘re-spawn’.

Young people now have their own language, derived from the language in their computer games.  The way he used the word was spot on in terms of what happens, those balls do, in game terms, ‘re-spawn’. But nobody of my age would have thought of putting it that way, whereas a twelve year old would.

I just wonder what Neil Robertson would make of it!


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