Social media here I come

Shamefully, I’ve only just today created a Facebook page for The Abominators.

I think I was in denial about how important Facebook is to promoting writing. I think I was also overwhelmed by it all. I had one Facebook page called Jennifer Russell (my maiden name) and another called Jenny Smith. I also had one called Jenny Smith Author, for children to ‘like’. How confusing was that??? Anyway I am now on Facebook as Jen Russell Smith (with Jenny Smith Author for children and teenagers), and I have pages for My Big Fat Teen Crisis, Diary of a Parent Trainer, Acorn Writers (about author visits) and now The Abominators. To ‘like’ my The Abominators page, visit

What I find difficult is linking it all together. One central website is not realistic for me with my different hats. I have a website for my author visits which is called but will have to have a different website for my freelance copywriting. I have an old website called about my teen and children’s fiction, but I might have to consider letting that one go as it just feels like too much. Aaaaaaaaagh. 

Luckily, a lovely lady in the Athena Networking High Wycombe group, Claire Fryer, is an expert on these matters and is giving a talk at our next meeting. I will have a list of questions ready.


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