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Random thoughts on a Sunday morning

Last night I was out with a group of women, most of whom I’ve known for about thirteen years, through our children. There was a lot of laughter. Russ and the boys watched an action movie while I was out, so everybody was happy.

Despite a latish night, I can’t help waking up early. So I’m sitting with a cup of coffee and my thoughts, as nobody else is awake. I am at odds with my family in terms of the hours we keep, they stay up later than me and at weekends do not emerge from their beds until 9.30 at the earliest. 

My ‘lots’ are up on the Authors for Philippines blog – so if you living in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire and want to bid for a writing workshop for up to 10 children (possibly for a birthday party or a Christmas present?) then you can do it here – all proceeds go to the disaster relief and I promise I’d give the children a fun session, and hopefully get them enthusiastic about writing stories:

I was re-reading my ‘The Man Who Loved Stories’ blog post, and am wondering if I could possibly turn it into a radio play. I am going to have a go in the next month or so. I know there is something called the Stanley Baxter theatre which is Scottish plays for the radio, so I will need to research that and find out where to send it if I write it.

A friend is coming for lunch today, who I have not seen for about three years. We worked together at Heinemann, back in the day. Looking forward to a walk and a roast dinner with her and her family, as long as the rain stays off. 

Social media here I come

Shamefully, I’ve only just today created a Facebook page for The Abominators.

I think I was in denial about how important Facebook is to promoting writing. I think I was also overwhelmed by it all. I had one Facebook page called Jennifer Russell (my maiden name) and another called Jenny Smith. I also had one called Jenny Smith Author, for children to ‘like’. How confusing was that??? Anyway I am now on Facebook as Jen Russell Smith (with Jenny Smith Author for children and teenagers), and I have pages for My Big Fat Teen Crisis, Diary of a Parent Trainer, Acorn Writers (about author visits) and now The Abominators. To ‘like’ my The Abominators page, visit

What I find difficult is linking it all together. One central website is not realistic for me with my different hats. I have a website for my author visits which is called but will have to have a different website for my freelance copywriting. I have an old website called about my teen and children’s fiction, but I might have to consider letting that one go as it just feels like too much. Aaaaaaaaagh. 

Luckily, a lovely lady in the Athena Networking High Wycombe group, Claire Fryer, is an expert on these matters and is giving a talk at our next meeting. I will have a list of questions ready.

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