The benefits of holidaying at home

We had a £700+ car bill last month, which in the current financial climate is a big blow, especially as my freelance income is variable. So this half term we have been doing what an increasing number of families are doing, holidaying at home. This means staying at home but acting as if we are on holiday, which means avoiding being sucked into the usual jobs and projects, chilling out as much as possible, making the most of home comforts and doing some fun, local things.

My sons are loving it, playing lots of X-box when not glued to the computer, or (to balance this, and it must be balanced) out doing sport. They had two football tournaments at the weekend, and tomorrow we are hoping to go up to the Snozone in Milton Keynes (with some gift vouchers left over from Christmas). They’ve also, before it started raining, been playing badminton in the garden. This morning one of them is going to play squash with a friend, and the other is planning tennis later if the weather improves. My husband has been doing stuff in the garden (which he enjoys), has done a bit of sport too and has read a couple of books.

I have read a few books too, which I’ll talk about in my next post, and I’ve taken the meerkat (Angus) for some very long walks.

When the sun was shining at the weekend we went punting up in Oxford with my brother and sister in law. I also spent time lying and dreaming in the hammock in the garden in the sunshine.

Now that the rain has set in, as well the reading I’ve been watching some catch up TV (specifically some old Seinfeld, The Fall and Arne Dahl), having long baths and early nights and just enjoying that we are all together but not rushing about as much as usual.

The last couple of nights, we’ve been watching family films together. We watched the Jack Black and Ben Stiller film ‘Envy’ the other night. Very funny. And tonight, me and the boys are going to have pizza at a friends house and then we’re going with her and her family to see the new Star Trek movie.

Yesterday I wrote my first ever blog for ‘Girls Heart Books’ which is up today. It’s all about first kisses, and my sons are absolutely Disgusted, Horrified, Appalled and Aghast. Really, not very keen at all. Can’t think why….


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