A non freelance day

This morning I’m going to visit Luise Pattison at The Book House in Thame, to talk about school visits, the literary festival, and how much we love books.

Have had a fantastic email this morning from Freddy Shannon, the librarian at Watlington Primary School. I’d asked for some feedback about my author visit there.

She said:

“Our year 3s are still buzzing from your visit and “the Abominators” has become the most requested book in the library, still running on a waiting list despite selling 43 copies on the day! One mother stopped me just last weekend and said how much her daughter had enjoyed your visit and that it had turned her from a very reluctant reader into an avid one (an almost impossible task according to her ! – There is obviously something about the “Panty Wanty Woos”).”

Since this is not one of my freelance days, when I have my nose to the grindstone writing brochures, leaflets, ads, newsletters etc, my plans for the day include…

  • working some more on a few new short stories I’ve been writing (I’m experimenting with some short stories for teenagers just as a way of playing with ideas – plus I’ve always loved short stories (Alice Munro is my heroine))
  • working on some more Abominators ideas
  • going for a walk with Angus, the West Highland terrier/meerkat cross
  • going to the Post Office to post a couple of books to people
  • doing some very boring paperwork/tidying up
  • staring into space
  • taking the kids to drumming and piano lessons after school – both are at practically the same time (but in different places of course, it would be far too easy otherwise)
  • going to Book Group at Paddington Clare’s house tonight – we’re discussing ‘The End of the Affair’

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