Snitchy Grass Blabber Mouth

A review of ‘The Abominators’ (for children, especially boys, aged 7-10) on the ‘We Love This Book’ website enjoys the gang’s unusual use of language.

“An entertaining and witty story that makes you snigger out loud, it’s books like The Abominators that will surely put an end to those pesky rumours that boys don’t like to read.

Mucker, Cheesy, Bob and Boogster are the mischievous gang of mates who call themselves The Abominators. They get up to harmless-no-good and highlight how silly teachers can sometimes be. The newest member, posh boy Cecil Trumpington-Potts, isn’t someone the gang would ever have really chosen to join the crew, but he proves he’s more than just a wimpy panty-wanty wearer!

Mr Nutter, the name Smith has given to the head teacher at Grimely East Primary, will make all readers grin. Isn’t that what everyone has dreamt of calling their head teacher at some point? The story takes you on many different adventures, daft pranks and barmy initiations to find out if Trumpington-Potts can really cut the mustard as part of The Abominators. The book will sit perfectly on the shelf next to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Horrid Henry stories.

The language is spot on, with things like ‘wuss-head’, ‘grebby guzzler’ and ‘Snitchy Grass Blabber Mouth’: you can almost hear Mucker and his mates saying it to each other. The black and white illustrations bring the words even more to life and are another crafty way of adding some more cheekiness.”

Helen Dugdale, ‘We Love This Book’ website


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