Four new reviews in two days!

WOW!!! Four new reviews for The Abominators in the space of two days, all five star and three of them from Amazon Vine reviewers.

Now that quite a few Amazon Vine reviewers have given the first book the thumbs up, I am hoping that more people might try The Abominators with their children.

If you know of any 7-10 year olds who might enjoy The Abominators, and enjoy reading about inner confidence, resilience and pants… then please spread the word.

Here’s what the latest reviewers have to say:

Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Programme

This book is really good, my Son and I read it together and it makes him laugh out loud. It’s great fun and appeals to 7 year old boys due to the underpants. It’s a boy thing!

Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Programme 

J just hoovers up books now and it can be a challenge to find great fun stories for him as he reads so much. He loves the SWITCH books, the MR Gum series, and the Abominators is his new favourite. He’s keen for me to get the next in the series. Just right for 7-8-9 year olds.

Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Programme 

My 8 year old son grabbed this as soon as it arrived and read it before I had a chance to look at it. I soon heard lots of laughs – and he actually finished it in one sitting. I decided I had to know what had made him laugh so much, and so read it myself…. and was thoroughly tickled by the characters and story. Such naughty humour – just right for 7-10 year olds. Can’t wait for the next one.

Customer review
As an adult I really loved reading this book and the wonderfully resilient and uplifting character of Cecil, (whom one could easily imagine being an easy bully target) and his ability to transform all potentially negative comments and threats from others into positives. It was funny and lighthearted with the underlying significant message about how one’s inner confidence provides such a protective shield. I have bought it for several young boys – around ages 8-10 and await to hear back from them.

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