The Middle Class ABC

Went to a very funny and entertaining talk at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival, entitled ‘The Middle Class ABC’. The book of the same name was written by Zebedee Helm (who also did the illustrations) and by TV producer Fi Cotter-Craig.

In the talk they took turns reading extracts from the book, while Zebedee (is this his real name?, please may it be so) did LIVE and brilliant drawings on a flip pad. Paddington Clare and I were right at the front so we had the best possible view, while hopefully not unnerving Zebedee and Fi too much with our over enthusiastic grins (we don’t get out much).

Having bought the book, I expect to hear guests chortling uncontrollably from my loo in the very near future –¬†hopefully because they are reading ‘The Middle Class ABC’ and not for other, more sinister, reasons.

The books is described as follows:

“The Middle-Class ABC is the book loos the length and breadth of the land have been waiting for – a humorous celebration of the facts and foibles, manners and mores of contemporary British middle class life.

Letter by letter, the clever, witty and sometimes absurd observations and cartoons will ring true for all good Middlings who will instantly recognise both their and their friends’ choices – children’s names, foodie fads, and holiday destinations.

Crammed full of affectionately teasing jokes this is a book for to enjoy at any time of year in the course of going about one’s business.”

Here is the Amazon link:



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