My favourite event at this year’s ChipLitFest: ‘Evie and the Perfect Cupcake’

My favourite event at the ChipLitFest was in a little room at The Chequers, where Tina Sederholm performed her show: ‘Evie and the Perfect Cupcake’.

‘Evie and the Perfect Cupcake’ is about a girl called Evie who lives in a benign parallel universe, called ‘the Calorie Galaxy’ where calories are plentiful but weight is policed. The one hour monologue is performed with wit, sparkle and fun and is all about the tyranny of being thin, and the usually self-imposed (fuelled by peer pressure and media images) desire for physical perfection which entraps so many women.

Tina Sederholm takes us on Evie’s journey, where she emulates her successful sister and loses weight, despite the advice of her wonderful Aunt Gloria. Towards the end of the performance, it all gets serious, and at this point I found that my eyes were (quite literally) welling up with tears for all the Evies in the world who think that they have to be ‘good’, who deny themselves and torture themselves in a quest for perfection, forgetting who they really are in the process.

Every woman who has ever had an issue with image, weight or self esteem (that’s probably all of us then) should see this show. I will be thinking about it, and it’s impact on me, for a long time.

Look out for Tina Sederholm at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, I highly recommend the show.

Tina Sederholm

Tina Sederholm


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